Sciton Announces Excellent Outcomes From Deep Perioral Er:YAG Laser Resurfacing In Multiyear Retrospective Study

PALO ALTO, Calif, March 22, 2019 — Sciton®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality laser and light systems in the aesthetic and medical market, is announcing the long-term results of perioral rhytid correction with its Contour TRL Er:YAG laser.

“Perioral rhytids (lip lines, smoking lines) are notoriously difficult to treat”, says A. Jay Burns MD, a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX. “Current surgical treatments for facial ageing do not effectively address this condition. However, our many years of experience with the Contour TRL Er:YAG laser has shown that it is a powerful option: our specific method is safe, predictable, and effective. This was seen after a recent seven years retrospective review of all our patients who underwent perioral Erbium laser resurfacing1.”

“As we age, lip lines and smoking lines are a reality,” remarks Aaron Burton, COO of Sciton. “Comprehensive facial rejuvenation falls short when perioral rhytids are not addressed. The Contour TRL erbium laser is extremely precise, about 12 – 14 times more than CO2 lasers and with tissue removal control of just a few microns. This allows for superficial peels of 5 to 20 μm, and aggressive resurfacing that treats wrinkles of a depth of 800 μm and more. It provides a controlled depth of ablation with a minimal underlying thermal injury, which leads to faster recovery.”

Dr. Burns concludes, “When evaluating our series, there were zero complications at 6 months, which is much lower than our own published complication rates with the CO2 lasers I have extensive experience with. Our excellent results are also due to the specific technique we refined over the years, including the concept of superficial islands of nonwrinkled tissue with skin appendages to aid the healing process. We had no cases of hypopigmentation and no perioral scarring. Our patients experience shorter recoveries and decreased redness with Erbium, compared to CO2 laser treatment.”

“This is the first long-term assessment of perioral rhytids following erbium laser resurfacing and I want to congratulate Dr. Jay Burns on the excellent results achieved with his technique,” says Dr. Ludger Meyer, a plastic surgeon in Munich, Germany. “We have performed full-field erbium laser facial resurfacing for many years, including mild to aggressive perioral resurfacing. We believe the Sciton Contour TRL belongs in every plastic surgeon’s practice, as it leads to nothing short of a laser facelift and vanishing lip lines”.

1) Sanniec K, Afrooz PN, Burns AJ; Long-Term Assessment of Perioral Rhytid Correction with Erbium:YAG Laser Resurfacing; Plast Reconstr Surg. 2019 Jan;143(1): 64-74

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