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At Sciton, we invent some of the most advanced consumer-facing laser and light systems that successfully treat a wide range of skin concerns—including in-demand and high net-revenue brands like Halo®, BBL® HERO™, BBL® HEROic, and Moxi™.

That’s just one reason we’re recognised by name around the world. And it’s why our organic influence across social media and the web continues to flourish.

From patient and provider reviews to Sciton’s continuous growth and expansion, there’s proof we’re transforming the laser aesthetics market.

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Profitable, cost-effective, and high-quality platforms that offer impressive results—so your patients can look and feel their best.

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Perform a variety of cosmetic procedures from a single platform with our flagship system. Learn more about JOULE®.


Delight patients with award-winning treatments from their favorite lasers and IPL therapies like BBL®HERO™, BBL®HEROic™, and MOXI™. Learn more about mJOULE™.

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