Sciton Tops Competition Again with Superior Customer Service & Innovation In Medical Aesthetics Based On New Survey

PALO ALTO, CA – October, 2, 2019 — Sciton®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality laser and light systems in the medical market, is proud to announce that it was ranked highest in customer service ratings among aesthetic competitors in the new 2019 Aesthetic Industry Market Report, courtesy of Aesthetic Business Institute (ABI).

The ABI report provides a holistic view of the aesthetic medical industry, collecting responses from medical providers, practice managers, business owners, and aestheticians for a 360-degree view of what matters now to practices.

Sciton’s motto has long been “Because Results Matter”. This guiding principle earned Sciton technologies the go-to lasers for medical professionals looking to deliver the most cutting-edge non-invasive technologies to patients.

According to the ABI survey, when asked which three technologies a provider would purchase to build a new practice, lasers were overwhelmingly chosen, with notably strong brand loyalty for Sciton and BBLTM by Sciton repeatedly indicated by respondents. Sciton also beat out the rest of the industry and topped the rankings with their “EXCELLENT” customer service and support rating averageing out to a 4.08 out of 5 point system. “Customers are our top priority; we strive to be the solution,” says Emma Haaland, Director of Global Service

“What sets Sciton apart is its innovation-driven, customer-centric philosophy that puts customers’ needs first,” says, Lacee J. Naik, Director of Marketing & PR. “Sciton’s mission from early on has been to provide physicians with the best possible tools to address ageing and other skin concerns while answering patient needs with a results-oriented and cost-effective approach. Advancements in non-surgical aesthetic treatments are a huge factor propelling aesthetic interest, demand, and acceptance forward, and Sciton is on the forefront of these innovations.”

Widely recognised by physicians as the gold standard in laser platforms, Sciton’s JOULE X ™ system is highly versatile, allowing the users to treat everything from acne and vascular conditions, to pigmented lesions, sagging skin, hair removal, body contouring and now, vaginal tissue with just one device. The highly customisable applications deliver more precise treatments with less downtime and discomfort than traditional lasers.

JOULE has been a popular comprehensive system choice across all medical and aesthetic specialties for its award-winning portfolio modules including HALO™, diVa™, Resurfacing Perfected™, Allura™ lasers as well as consumer favorite, BBL™ (BroadBand Light) with its in-demand, Forever Young™ brand.

Sciton, Inc., located in Palo Alto, California, is a totally employee-owned medical device company established in 1997 by co-founders Jim Hobart, Ph.D., and Dan Negus, Ph.D. Sciton is committed to providing best-in-class laser and light solutions for medical professionals who want superior durability, performance, and value. Sciton offers aesthetic and medical devices for women’s health, fractional and full-coverage skin resurfacing and skin revitalization, phototherapy, vascular and pigmentation lesions, scar reduction, acne, body contouring, and hair reduction. Sciton operates worldwide with direct sales forces in the United StatesCanadaJapanAustralia, and distributor partners in more than 45 countries. For more information and a complete listing of Sciton systems, visit